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Boat trip Scandola Girolata Calanche de Piana

The amazing beauty of its landscapes and settings make this a extremly interresting tour. Located far away from the crowd and the tourist areas, this fascinating environment has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

During this tour, you will discover one of the last mediterranean enclave which provide shelter for endemic species and a great ornithological wildlife such as peregrine falcon and osprey

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Built around a XVIII century Genoese fort, Girolata (inaccessible by road), at the beginning of the XXth century was home to over a hundred people mostly settled shepherd. At the end of the war, Girolata was nearly abandoned. Today the tourist activity gave a revival to this small village where many restaurants welcome lots of visitors everyday. 

During the tour, a 2H3O stoppover is offered to have lunch, visit and swimming. 
Located in the southeast of Scandola, the Calanche de Piana and Capo Rosso are part of a volcanic complex. The geological diversity of the rocks, the originality of their locations give a particular aspect to the area.


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