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Whale Watching

Guided by the specialist of 'Corsicamare Osservazione' an environmental association, we offer, during this tour, the observation and discovery of the marin fauna, like dolphins, whales and ospreys around the Corsican coast.

The program:

Search of cetaceans between Ajaccio and Scandola
Visit of the Natural Reserve of Scandola
If timing allows, according to the morning observation: stopover in Girolata to have lunch, visit of Capo Rosso and Calanche de Piana.

*This tour is available only 4 times per season with a limited number of places.

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The main theme of this tour is to discover the natural environment. Dolphins and Whales are part of it. However, they remain wild animals and they are not always in the same area. We can not guarantee their locations or number. It's up to nature to decide and it's respect it to not have control on it.

Researching cetacean is as interresting as watching them, involving sometimes the discovery of spectacular marin species. Very often, passengers located dolphins for everyone's happiness.

You just have to be involved, be an actor and a spectator. It will make you look at the sea in a new light, beyond the stereotypes. We will put all our resources and knowledge to make you enjoy a whale watching.


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